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F5 Security CTF Training

Capture the flag (CTF) 資安攻防技競

  • Doc Brown’s Garage – Non-game participants will have an opportunity to jump in the game and wreak havoc (i.e. launch attacks) against the participating teams
  • The Biff Tannen Learning Center – Various 5-minute or less demonstrations – Learn how different attacks work and how to perform them. We’ll even provide instructions in case you want to visit Doc Brown’s Garage and try a few in real time!
  • The George and Lorraine McFly Center – Various 5-minute demonstrations where you will learn ‘White Hat’ hacking techniques and maybe even give a few a try in real time
  • The F5 Capacitor Theater – These lightning-fast demonstrations and presentations will show you how to better run your F5 environment
  • The Hill Valley Arcade – A place to test your ability at various 80s themed video games. High scorers will have a chance to win a NES Classic Edition Console or an Atari Flashback console
日期:2018 / 11 /1 9:00AM – 17:30PM
地點:台北市進出口同業公會 三樓 第二會議室  - 台北市松江路350號


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